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Greg Illich

Greg Illich has more than 25 years experience in various Taiji forms with a focus on improving health. He began his Tai Chi studies with Master Nguyen Cao Thanh in 1986 at the University of St Thomas, and learned the Yang Style Long Form.  He currently teaches the Secret Yang Style which he learned under Master George Hu. Greg also has experience in other various forms including Chi-Kung, Taiji Long Sword, Hsing-I, Bagua, Baji, Chinese Wrestling, Northern Shaolin, Chinese Saber, and Western style epee fencing. 




After years of studying acupressure and other aspects of Chinese Medicine with Master Hu, Greg has completed massage training at Health Masters and now offers massage services at 2990 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77098.

*Services include Swedish Massage, Acupressure, Medical Massage, Chinese Herbal Moxibustion, and PNF Stretching with active resistive techniques. He also provides outcalls to bring the massage to you for your convenience.



"I've been studying with Greg for almost a year. Greg's patience, enthusiasm for Taiji and teaching Taiji, and his depth of knowledge never cease to amaze me. He is very serious about Taiji but he never makes me feel like there is any rush to get anywhere. I like to walk my dog to the dogpark in the morning and practice Taiji while my dog romps around. Between weekly classes with Greg and practicing 2 times a week on my own, I'm very happy with my progress. I've been able to gain flexibility, strength, and a new kind of body awareness. I would recommend Greg highly to anyone - from senior citizen to competitive athlete." -Andrew, yoga teacher



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email: greg@houstontaiji.com
mobile ph#: 713-854-7469

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