Class Schedule



West University Senior Services

6104 Auden

Houston, TX 77005 

Via Zoom :
Monday mornings,
 10 AM to 10:45AM
Thursdays, 5pm


Beginner & intermediate class.

Thursday afternoon, 5 to 5:45pm, beginner class.

To enroll contact Toby Brooks at the Senior Service Center, 713-662-5895.


Heights Area

Proctor Plaza Center:  803 West Temple, Houston, TX

Beginner Class: Wednesdays: 11:30AM to 12:30 AM

Tai Chi basics, Secret Yang Style Short form: 13 Kinetic Movements with emphasis on balance, relaxation, flexibility, and coordination.
Fee: Donation per session. For more information please call Greg at 713-854-7469
Intermediate/Advanced Class: Wednesdays, 6pm
Traditional Yang Style 108 Long Form. Work on improving quality of form. Understanding applications, push hands.
Donation per session.

Leonel Castillo Community Center:  2101 South Street, Houston, TX 77009.
Beginner Tai Chi Class: Mondays and Wednesdays at 1:00 pm.
Tai Chi basics, Traditional Yang Style Long Form, Chi Kung Warm-ups.  Improve balance, strengthen core muscles, reduce stress, improve flexibility.


  • West Orem YMCA

5801 West Orem Dr, Houston, TX 77045 Ph# 713-726-1606

Beginner Tai Chi Class:   Thursday mornings, 8:00am to 9:00am.  Tai Chi basics, Chi Kung warm-ups, Tai Chi Sword form, Traditional 64 Movement Yang Style.

First Class is Free.  Please call the YMCA at 713-726-1606 for more information on membership and fees or go online to: The Houston YMCA




2990 Richmond #200 (At Avalon School of Massage)


Building Photo from Google Maps

Private Lessons are available.  Therapeutic Massage by Greg at this location also.


 Contact Greg



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